Friday, October 1, 2010

Tacos Napo

Delicious tacos.....


Abasolo aka Abacholo

The second day I was in Irapuato my cousin Carlos decided to take me to a small town called Abasolo about 45 minutes from Irapuato. The purpose of the drive was to go see an archaeological site outside of town. Well we drove into town and picked up a couple girls that Carlos had gone to high school with that supposedly knew the exact way to get to the site from town. Well they didn't because we made a wrong turn into a country road in the middle of nowhere and by the time we realized our error and made it back to the highway and then the site it had already closed for the day. Dejected we drove back into Abasolo and dropped off the girls and to cheer me up Carlos took me into the town square for tacos. Carlos had been to Abasolo numerous times to drink with friends and had become somewhat familiar with some of the food establishments.

The places he took me to was called Napo. It was right of the main square in Abasolo. The thing about Abasolo is that it was a quaint little town and like many small towns in Mexico has had a significant portion of its population that has traveled to the United States. That resulted in a few cholos milling about the town square, though minding their own business.
Upon sitting down the server brought us salsa and napkins and informed me that they had flour tortilla tacos. That made me excited as flour tortillas are rare for taquerias in central Mexico. So I ordered two al pastor corn tortilla tacos and two steak flour tortilla tacos. I would definitely give them an A for taste and an A for presentation as they were served with grilled onions. What really set the flour tacos over the top was the inclusion of frijoles de la hoya(boiled pinto beans) which are amazing when you mix them with meat and salsa. They are vastly superior to most refried beans when used with tacos and other mexican food. The al pastor and steak was pretty good and not very greasy at all like you find alot here in the states. The horchata also was pretty good and deserving of a B. The tacos at Napos definitely cheered me up for missing out on the pyramids, but we would return the next day and actually catch them then.

Pyramids at Peralta, Guanajuato, outside of Abasolo.