Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tacos el Texano

The first day I got into Irapuato, Guanajuato my cousins took me to El Texano. That was a place that I had visited on my previous visit the year before. I asked whether or not the owner was actually from Texas and I was told that he was from Irapuato but had given himself that moniker.
Anyways el Texano makes tacos that are bigger than the typical Mexican taco. I believe that night I ordered three carne asada(steak) and three chorizo tacos. We took them to go.

Now what sets taquerias in Mexico apart from alot of US taquerias is that the owner is on site most of the time and is the main taquero and puts a lot of effort into his tacos to the point where it's almost a craft. El Texano was no different as his carne asada tacos were amazing, the meat being juicy and tender but well done. A big plus was the inclusion of frijoles de la hoya(boiled pinto beans) as those will always beat out refried beans on a good taco. He was also nice enough to package the onion and cilantro separately in different baggies as we took them to go. He also included a big plate of grilled nopales which is a standard for him with big orders. The chorizo tacos were also good, not being as greasy as a lot of chorizo tacos can get. As the green, serrano salsa that I had on my tacos was super spicy and probably the second most spiciest salsa I had in all of Mexico. After eating that salsa I feel like a salsa superman and feel that I can probably eat any salsa here at home and not enchilarme. Overall tacos el Texano represented an excellent first night in Mexico and my taco adventure.

My trip to Mexico

In July of 2010 I took a month long trip to central Mexico and one of my goals during that trip was to go to as many taquerias as possible. Me and tacos in Mexico have had a storied past which has included instances of me eating 30 tacos and a torta in one sitting and wandering off on my own and visiting multiple taqueria in one day.
I will attempt to document every taqueria that I visited in Mexico during my last trip and include a picture of the taqueria and pictures of the tacos themselves. After I've gone through all the taquerias that I visited in Mexico during my last trip, I will write about taquerias here in Chicago. I feel that this is especially necessary because of the emergence of so called taco "connoisseurs" who rave about all these "good" taquerias on the north side of the city and say they hate cilantro. Now keep in mind that I am being a snob when it comes to tacos but only because I've been to some good ass places and use those as a basis of comparison.

I will write about the taquerias in chronological order from first to last. Also in my opinion and basing it on central Mexico/DF standards, the standard tacos should have the specific type of meat, a salsa of your choosing and cilantro and onions and made with a corn tortilla. A couple of taquerias in Mexico didn't have both instead just offering onions, raw or grilled or both, but they get away with it because they were good. Now if you're one of those non Mexicans that likes lettuce and tomatoes in your tacos then your opinion does not matter.