Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tacos Don Robe

The night after Tacos Mixe I went with my cousin's boyfriend to Tacos Don Robe in Irapuato. Now from what I heard Don Robe is from Arandas, Jalisco, where a lot of tequila is made. The taqueros from there also have a reputation as being the best in Irapuato. When we got to the stand Don Robe was cutting up the steak and taking orders. That's one of the things that sets aside a good taqueria, where the owner is actually there personally cooking and taking orders. If more owners took that much of an interest in their places here there would be a lot more quality taquerias. Don Robe also had a lot of Chivas de Guadalajara stuff on the walls. 100% Arandas man.

Anyways we ordered the tacos to go as we had to get back to my aunt's house and bring everyone else back food. I ordered 6 chorizo and 6 bistec tacos. The bistec was cooked a little crispier similar to how some places here in Chicago make it and the chorizo was spicier than usual and a little chunkier as well. Now I'm not expert in using culinary terms for describing food so words like chunky and spicier will have to do. Like with most take out orders the cebolla y cilantro were on the side and the salsa verde was what like you would expect with most salsa verdes but probably better than most of those. Overall it was a really good taco though nothing out of the ordinary. There will be other postings with tacos made from other dudes from Arandas but better.

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